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AdExcel develops and maintains its own in-house WMS (Warehouse Management System) tool, which guarantees both great flexibility and a perfect fit with your core business.

Main functions of our Adaxio WMS software

Our WMS tool is powerful and versatile, rich in resources, capable of adapting to your specific needs and intervention requirements while ensuring maximum logistics efficiency :

  • management of logistics movements: entry into/removal from stock, order- picking for customer delivery;
  • multi-client stock-management each client;
  • logistics management for laboratory work: scheduling of interventions (preparation, mastering, etc.) in the laboratory (intervention orders, spare-parts issue, preparation of estimates, etc.);
  • interfacing capacities: file-sharing, command-automation, etc.;
  • FIFO, LIFO management: first-in, first-out, priority-management and scheduling;
  • product-management using serial numbers according to the specifications, creation of EANs, if necessary;
  • batch-management;
  • product status management (new/reconditioned/defective/to-be- destroyed/obsolete/etc.);
  • report-management;
  • transporter management and control;
  • traceability: carrier tracking via Adaxio;
  • web access/real-time consultation;
  • customs management;
  • document management (invoices/BLs/CMRs).
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Adaxio: the tailor-made logistics software

A true nerve centre for your logistics, our Adaxio tool offers a wide range of management possibilities. In particular, it facilitates:

  • Standardised order-placement while providing the following information: recipient contact, product reference, product quantities, desired carrier. All these data can be entered directly by the user by sending a standardised Excel file, calling our customer service, or via a dedicated customer application. Orders can also be placed using bills of material, i.e., calling up linked sub-assemblies.
  • Instant response or the possibility of placing orders on hold: if the order cannot be prepared, particularly if the quantity is insufficient, an error message will be issued. You will then have the option of preparing a wave of simultaneous orders.
  • Secured and certified access: access is obtained via an authorised IP or a token (associated with your digital identity, the token is a physical or dematerialised element which allows you to obtain a single-use code). Our sites are ISO 27001 certified for the protection of sensitive computer data.
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A complete warehouse management software

Our WMS software allows you to benefit from a range of customised technical services including optimised storage solutions. Real-time monitoring of the supply chain involves not only exemplary traceability but also centralised and computerised management of spare parts and new products.

Via Adaxio, you can:

  • search or a reference or stock movement: The search can be done by category, keyword, or number. In order to check the relevance of the search, a photo of the article may also be provided.
  • obtain comprehensive knowledge of your inventory, with the ability to view or retrieve inventory data at the click of a button.

Tailor-made daily reports

If you wish, we can provide you with tailor-made reports via PowerBI – a set of software services, applications and connectors developed by Microsoft that transform disparate data sources into immersive and interactive visual information.

From the common Adaxio database which contains all the information (picking hours, stock levels, stock occupancy, status of each product in stock, etc.), we can add as many customised reports as required. These reports can be consulted on phones, computers, or tablets, with the possibility of concatenating several clients. This is a complete and efficient service that allows you to fully customise access to your databases.

Personalized customer service

The cell developed by AdExcel includes a call-centre, a reception, a technical qualification centre, and a customer service department located on your premises.

AdExcel provides you with a dedicated number with qualified personnel to answer all your requests based on your custom specifications (making appointments, management of warrant/out-of-warranty return numbers, requests for information, etc.). This personalised line is accessible during normal office hours but can also be provided during extended hours on request.

This hotline enables you to deal efficiently with questions related to logistics management, scheduling, transport, administration, financial-management, customer- management, intervention-planning, etc.

In addition, we provide a qualification centre fully adapted to your needs and which can provide you with the technical support for your warranty/out-of-warranty management services. It can be equipped with staff who are trained to qualify interventions and/or solve problems over the phone..

The efficient management of your logistic flows ensures optimum solutions!

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