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Our goal is to organise the life of your electronic equipment


AdExcel, over 20 years of expertise in reverse logistics

The AdExcel Group was born of the desire to provide custom, high value-added logistics services to customers within the context of a flexible, responsive structure and short decision-making cycles.

Services and technical support managed by AdExcel

We assist you in the repair and maintenance of your electronic equipment and offer efficient and professional services.

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Our reverse logistics solutions

We accompany you in your reverse logistics issues and bring you efficient & ecological solutions

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Recycling of WEEE

We support you in the management and reconditioning of your waste electrical and electronic equipment

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A steering committee at your service

We can assist you in the development of a powerfully versatile WMS software adapted to all your management issues.

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Maintenance électronique industrielle

Optimisez votre production avec l’expertise d’AdExcel en maintenance électronique 
industrielle. Cliquez pour en savoir plus.

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DEEE reconditionnement

Découvrez notre expertise en DEEE reconditionnement. Réduisez vos déchets électroniques et économisez. Cliquez maintenant pour en savoir plus !

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Reverse logistics

Découvrez les solutions de reverse logistics pour optimiser vos retours produits. Cliquez pour en savoir plus sur notre expertise !

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Recyclage DEEE

AdExcel vous partage son expertise sur le recyclage des DEEE. Comment gérer et recycler ses déchets électroniques ? Cliquez ici !

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Réglementation DEEE

Vous cherchez à comprendre la réglementation des DEEE ? AdExcel vous apporte son regard d’expert sur le sujet. Cliquez ici !

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AdExcel in numbers


experts in electronics reconditioning at your service


collection points in France for used spare parts

15,000 m²

dedicated to the repair and preparation of your electronic products


tons of products received while waiting for a second life


tons of electrical and electronic products recovered at the end of the chain

The reverse logistics specialist

Today, AdExcel is positioned as a specialist in reverse logistics for electronic products, with a wide range of skills:

  • receipt of products for after- sales services;
  • diagnosis of returned products;
  • exchange and delivery of new/reconditioned products;
  • electronic repair of defective products;
  • storage and computerised stock-management;
  • "second-life” management: recycling, WEEE, etc.

Along with its Reeso and 3REnvironnement subsidiaries, AdExcel ensures a controlled reverse supply chain with four areas of expertise:

  • sustainable-development and waste-treatment;
  • eco-logistics and reverse supply;
  • technical support and services/high-tech multiservices;
  • steering cell.

AdExcel offers a wide range of services that can be integrated into a complete, global solution.

Tailor-made logistics solutions

As a specialist in the logistics of end-of-life product returns for reuse, AdExcel designs and manages your reverse supply chain, while ensuring it is completely adapted to your business: we offer you the most suitable solutions composed of complete systems including set-up, organisation of transport (national/international), reception, sorting, processing, reuse, and/or return to the manufacturer.

Logistics storage solutions

These tailor-made logistics solutions also include goods storage solutions also adapted to your needs: AdExcel has several warehouses throughout France. The stock-management of spare and new parts and products is entirely centralised and computerised. Flow management ensures complete traceability and performance for all customers. In order to cover all your supply chain issues, AdExcel strives to optimise your flows by applying a "zero customs and tax risk" policy.

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A single structure for a complete service offer

Our logistics business covers a full range of skills, including repair, configuration, and manufacturing activities. Our recognised expertise enables us to provide adapted and optimised technical services in the fields of IT, office-automation, telephony, electronic payment systems, multimedia, medical equipment, energy, etc.

AdExcel offers you a wide range of services, within a single structure, to guide you in the reconditioning of your electronic equipment (collection, reuse, treatment of end-of-life equipment, etc.).


High-Tech expertise at the service of your company

Adexcel has expanded its offer to include services across the entire logistics, technical and IT chains. In particular, we manage a range of technical services such as the preparation and configuration of complex machines to meet your requirements. We are also competent to ensure the integration and configuration of IT, networks, and mobility.

AdExcel provides you with state-of-the-art technical support for the repair and/or maintenance of your electronic equipment.

Thanks to our own in-house developed WMS (Warehouse Management System) tool, we can guarantee great flexibility and perfect compatibility with your core business, along with all the necessary customised services (personalised customer service, supply chain management, traceability, real-time supply chain monitoring, etc.).

All solutions are in the logistics

AdExcel is a group at a human scale, capable of deploying the necessary logistics for large- scale, mass production, but also capable of adapting to niche markets with strong constraints, whether technological or logistical. Whatever your expectations, our teams can adapt.

"We want to do everything we can to achieve excellence and thus satisfy our customers, employees, partners and shareholders."

They have been placing their trust in us, some, for over 20 years!

  • Glory
  • Sony
  • Spie
  • Siemens
  • HelpLine
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Our management system

We provide our customers with guarantees at all levels:

  • The service of waste treatment certified for its integrated management aligned with the ISO 9001 standard
  • Attention to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards to meet the global requirements of quality, hygiene, safety at work and environment
  • Information system security management according to the ISO 27001 standard (Code of practice for information security management) 

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